for education

Teatro de LiNUTILE offers its experience in designing courses of study for Theatre education tailored specifically for Primary School, Secondary School and High School.

LiNUTILE | Activities & Services

If requested by institutes or teachers of Primary, Secondary or High schools, Teatro de LiNUTILE is able to offer classes for the study of the fundamentals of acting ant theatre (use of the body, use of the voice, stage space, script and direction).

for social engagement

Teatro de LiNUTILE sees theatre as an artistic form able to promote social communication projects in an original and effective way.

We regularly collaborate with no-profit organisations and public and private institutions, both on a local and national scale, by putting on plays for fundraising events and organizing shows and festivals dedicated to specific social issues,  or by simply making our theatre and our organisational skills available to others.

for business

Teatro de LiNUTILE offers consulting and education services to businesses and companies, using theatre as a mean to implement communication skills, for team building and for the empowerment of human resources.

contact us

If you are interested in activities and services promoted by Teatro de LiNUTILE, please contact Stefano Eros Macchi or Marta Bettuolo by calling 049/2022907 or by e-mail by writing at